Screenshot stopped working

Hi guys,

After I installed and then uninstalled some screenshot alternative the shortcut "Print Screen" stopped working. Is there any way to fix it?

my settings look like this

had to take a picture with my phone :frowning:

I wish the builtin screenshot tool has annotations.

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Mine is the same as yours, too. Except for Print that mine is Stamp (Italian), but button is the same :grin:. Probably uninstallations left some residuals that are still controlling Print button and there's a conflict. Or you set Print even to another action.

With the built-in screenshots tool you can take full-screenshots :smile:, take the actual window or select an area and even set a timer before taking it. Moreover, you can capture the cursor, the window border and apply effects, too :smirk::open_mouth:. To take screenshots, this tool goes beyond with functions than what I need, I only take full-screenshots by Stamp button and only sometimes I use the timer because in some situations screenshotting isn't allowed, I never used other available options :sweat_smile:.

To add annotations on screenshots you can open them with ImageMagick and add them.

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On my computer to take a screen shot I use the fn plus tab keys on my keyboard .... someone once told me it was a default print screen function instead of using the PrtSc key which quit working for some reason .... may not be the solution for you however .....

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Gday @fairking ,
Have you installed any other app's that use keyboard shortcut's. this can interfere with the systems defaults.

Try to see if you can record via screenshot using,


you will see a red dot in the taskbar indicating that its recording. To stop recording press the same combination of keys.


Actually I like it this way as I'm typing on a mini Bluetooth key board ..... Logitech K380 ..... and it is propped up on the bottom edge of my compacted computer's keyboard .... so the keys are a lot closer to me than the PrtSc key on the units keyboard .... top left hand corner ..... my compact computer is 17.2 in so it is rather large and the keyboard more than an arms length away so the mini keyboard works just great .....

Thanks for the suggestions ..... :+1:

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After I restarted the PC, the screenshot shortcuts started working again :man_facepalming:

Then I installed a custom screenshot tool (PPA for Shutter Team : “Shutter Team” team). And followed the instruction Keyboard keys for screen capture · Issue #503 · shutter-project/shutter · GitHub

Now I am very happy with it. :wink:


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