Screenshot Tools in Zorin Issue

So I have an issue with Zorin OS and the default Screenshot tool. It seems like you cannot use another screenshot tool at all. Version is Zorin 17.1 Pro

So if you install flameshot or Shutter, the options to take actual screenshots are disabled. I normally grab regions for screenshots and then want to add arrows to it before sending it. Once Flameshot is installed on Zorin, all the features are disabled:

Here is Shutter Disabled:

Another One:

Now if you are using Pop OS (Both based on 22.04)
Same Flameshot software (I took a screenshot using flameshot and was able to add arrows): 2024-05-12_03-41.png - Google Drive

Here is another screenshot on POP using flameshot.

Easy, I can click the logo or created a shortcut to capture by region and immeditly get options.

The local screenshot tools takes precedence on one (Zorin) and not the other (Pop OS). So it can be done.

I want to use Zorin. This is a problem I cannot get over. Options?

You can, but you have to explicitly overwrite the keyboard shortcut. Go to Settings -> Keyboard -> View and Customize Shortcuts -> Custom Shortcuts to add a new shortcut. Choose whatever name you like, something descriptive, the command that you want to run, and the key that triggers it:

Here I'm using the Flatpak version of Flameshot as an example, but if you installed it through the terminal using apt, or chose "Zorin OS" as the source when installing it through the Software Store, you can simply enter /usr/bin/flameshot gui. The gui subcommand is important for Flameshot, otherwise it would just run in the background and appear in the system tray.

I assume with Shutter it would be something similar.

As for the options disabled, I have no idea what that may be but I would suggest installing both as Flatpak and non-Flatpak (as mentioned above) to contrast both package formats and see if that makes a difference.


My preferences are Shutter and Spectacle, but the latter really shines (in Plasma) because when using a VM of Zorin 17 to create the manual I would repeatedly use rectangular region and it memorises the last area chosen so speeds up screen capture.

The same issue for me was solved by selecting Xorg from the cog on the login page.

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