Scroll Direction

Blender inverts my scroll direction. Is there any way I can change my scroll direction app by app? And why does this take place?

The problem only occured after installing Awesome VM (no longer installed)

I will try reinstalling blender.

Did not work. And manual-ing it for all scroll settings isn't a complete fix. Some things can't be changed. And yes, when I change input settings, blender does too, but FLIPPED. (It's an executable.) Why is this happening?

Glimpse (GIMP Fork) isn't working either... same issue... will try gimp

What did Awesome WM do?

I might reinstall Zorin.... hmm... I just need Vivaldi, Blender, gimp, joplin..... hmmm.

When you reinstalled Blender, did you also purge and remove any configuration files?

rm -rf ~/.config/blender

Check if any residual files:

find $HOME -iname 'blender'

There may be thumbnails in ~.cache...

Reinstall Blender:

sudo apt remove --purge blender && sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

sudo apt install blender

I just reinstalled Zorin... oof. The good thing is I didn't install too much stuff that I kept, so it might be a clean - up.

Lost one file I put 30 minutes into but ah well

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