Scroll Position Issue (ZOS 17)

When scrolling in an app and then switching to another app, returning to the previous app and trying to scroll again sometimes causes the scroll position to be reset to the top or bottom of the page. This is inconvenient, especially when performing reading or writing activities, as you have to scroll repeatedly from the top or bottom of the page. this issue occurs on the touchpad or mouse

Device: Lenovo Ideapad 320
CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-6006U
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 920MX
Kernel: 6.2.0-39-generic


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I agree. I can see many ways that this would interrupt workflow.

Can you please clarify which applications show this behavior and the frequency of it?

Thank you for the response. the problem occurs almost in all applications. but most often occurs in vscode or browser even in notes. i tried to reproduce the issue as in the video and strange behavior occurs when I try to scroll with minimal movement but the scroll position immediately moves up or down the page suddenly

Are you using wayland? You can check it in the settings->about page.

Just tried with fresh Flatpak installs of VSCode and Chrome, on X11 and Wayland, without any issues. If this happens only with VSCode, try to run it without GPU acceleration:

code --disable-gpu

Or if you have the flatpak package:

flatpak run com.visualstudio.code --disable-gpu

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