Scrolling disables taskbar and UI and causes page back on applications


I'm having an issue where whenever I scroll up or down with my mouse, it causes the page to go back to the previous page in my web browser, applications, or any part of the Zorin UI interface.

Additionally, scrolling down causes the taskbar to freeze up, resulting in the following issues:

  • I cannot click on any of my applications, nor can I access the Zorin start menu button. I can only hover over open applications and preview them, but not open them.
  • The windows button on my keyboard does not open the start menu.
  • I cannot access the Zorin UI's buttons and interfaces, the clicks do not register.

These issues are somehow fixed by scrolling upwards, but if I scroll downwards again, the problems will reoccur. Very strange.

The mouse I'm using is the Logitech M575 with the dongle enabled as my laptop, a ThinkPad X230, does not have a Bluetooth module installed. From what I can tell this issue does not occur with other mice that I've tested.

I'm not sure what caused it as the M575 was working fine beforehand. I have already tried restarting and shutting down my computer, removing and putting in the battery again, turning the mouse on and off.

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Hi there,
I Reviewed your issue and seems like it is some what near a Mouse Problem, You should first Try switching with a simple wired mouse as linux is famous for signal interference between hardware. This can solve the Issue of

The Problem below of the Zorin Start button not working is related to hardware. So to fix that try a reinstall and the if the issue returns then you should probably get your hardware checked because I think Something is missing in your PC configuration.


Thank you for the help ghostinator.

I managed to fix the issue by disconnecting it from bluetooth on another separate laptop (I use bluetooth on one laptop, dongle on the other), then reconnecting it while the dongle was removed from my ThinkPad X230. I then reconnected the dongle and now the mouse acts normal on both laptops.

Odd that this happened, but hopefully this helps anyone who comes across this issue.

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