"Seahorse" BLOCKED

The password/key management software is not working. Besides letting me create fresh PGP signatures there's really nothing more I can do with PGP.
Not setting a default key-server, not syncing keys, not retrieving them; I'm forced to use < gpg > command lines in bash.
If anyone makes "Seahorse" work tell me,


The appearance of Seahorse has changes, since Gnome has drastically altered application widgets. However, the principles are the same:

In current Seahorse, if upon opening you see only your personal account, look for the Back <- button on the Upper Right side and click it.

It should take you to a menu with the following and where the back button was, there now is the (+) add button

  • Login


  • GnuPG keys
  • OpenSSH Keys


  • System trust

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