Search for files from Menu or Activities overview doesn't work properly


The search from app Menu or Activities overview doesn't return files(pdfs, AppImages, pictures, etc.).

When I search for the sames files inside the Files app it returns the result instantly.

I checked File app settings, search integration is active and it cover the search locations: Home, Documents, Pictures, etc.

Is this a bug on my system or it is expected behavior?

It there a way to resolve this issue?

Btw, I love my experience with Zorin OS so far regardless of this issue.

Thank you very much for your help.

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This issue has been fixed by it self ( I did install the latest system updates, so that might have solve the issue)

During past week I used Ulauncher and Fuzzy Finder extension to fulfill this task.

I am able to search and find files from Activities overview now.

This issue is solved.