Searching for a dock that has the features of the macOS dock (Read before replying)

I have tried and am unable to use any of the following:

Cairo Dock
Latte Dock
Dash To Dock
Avant Windows Navigator

Please do not recommend any of these. None of them are an option.

There's multiple reasons none of the above work for me:

  1. Outdated and no longer run in newer OSes
  2. Do not have the features I need
  3. Do not have the customization I need
  4. Require too many dependencies
  5. Look or act nothing like the macOS dock
  6. ALL of them are 5 years old or older and no longer developed

On Windows, recently, a new app appeared that almost perfectly emulates the dock from macOS. It's called MyDockFinder and it is feature-full and amazing. Sadly, it only runs on Windows 10 or above, so no way to run it on Wine. Even if I could, it is made for Windows. Not Linux.

I am asking for a dock because when I went looking for one on Windows I found MDF. Sadly, I have had zero such luck on Linux.

Maybe I missed a github page? Even if it's a new dock, I am willing to try it.


  • Runs on Gnome 3.38 and/or Gnome 40+
  • Can be customized
  • Per-icon themeing that accepts PNG
  • Resizable
  • expands when I hover over it
  • Doesn't have dependencies for an entire desktop environment to be installed (i.e. KDE, LXDE, etc)

Yes, I am picky. I know what I want. Maybe I overlooked one that you folks have seen.

Finally, no - I am not a programmer or developer and no I should not look into creating my own. No matter how much you might push that, I am not savvy enough to create something like that from scratch. I have other strengths in tech. That will never be one of them.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Final note: I currently use Cairo Dock in Zorin OS 16.2. Cloest thing I ever dound to emulate the look and feel of the real macOS Dock. However, it no longer works in Gnome 40 and above. Nor do almost any of the others. Latte crashes, Cairo has MASSIVE formatting issues, Docky and Plank are BOTH removed from the default repo and their old repos fail to propagate. etc etc etc...

P.S. Might add to this, later, if I recall items I forgot.

P.P.S. Dash to Dock is the grossest piece of hot garbage I have ever had the displeasure of using. It's atrocious.

Dash to Panel?


Note this second option might only work with Zorin 17 which will be based on Ubuntu 22.04

Or alternatively:

I consider Dash To Panel the same as Dash To Dock.

Also, I already do run macOS both as a secondary OS and as a VM.

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