Second Display Not Detected

Hi, recently I installed Zorin OS Lite 15. It worked for about 1 week but now it is not detecting my secondary display (A Sony TV) after updating “Zorin OS Base” via Software Update and doing sudo apt autoremove. Please help me as my laptop screen is broken and I don’t have another monitor. I can still do work but my eye hurts. Hoping you will help me.

I believe there was a recent Linux kernel update as Zorin OS update. Maybe that messed up your second display. Maybe you could try booting with the previous Linux kernel and see if that is any better.
Do you have dual-boot setup or just Zorin 15 Lite on your machine ?

Ok I fixed it. Autoremove deleted XORG and my second display depended on it somehow. I reinstalled XORG and it is fine again.


And yes I dualboot Windows 10.