Second hard drive

I’m looking to transition to Zorin from windows. So as you can inagine, I’m a newbie...

Now here’s my situation: I have an SSD containing the OS and a general storage hard drive on my laptop. After installation, will I be able to use said hard drive normally? Since the files (multiple different types) were created in windows, I’m concerned about possible issues.

Thanks in advance. Happy 2022!

Hi and welcome to the forum.
To be clear, is it your intention to leave your SSD alone, but split your "general storage hard drive" and install ZorinOS on that?

As zab noted, I too am unclear about your intent.
Regardless, this may help when you’re ready: Partitioning during installation

Linux can read Windows partitions but not vice versa. So, when you boot in Windows you’ll only see your Windows partition files (and any storage partitions that are not ext4 format partitioned). But yes, your files will all be there, they won’t be gone. It doesn’t matter whether SSD or HDD.


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