Second monitor works, but i cant use it at the same time

Hey guys,

I use Linux Zorin Lite OS on my laptop.
I have a second Screen with HDMI. But i cant watch a youtube video at one screen and take notes on Open Office at the second screen.
But it is possible to watch youtube and write on Notes at the same time... Why it dont work with open office?

My wife does that just fine on Z16 Lite on her desktop.
Although, I’ve plugged-in one monitor to her integrated graphics and the other to her NVIDIA. But that shouldn’t matter. As long as your system can run two monitors, it should work fine.

I use two monitors regularly on Zorin OS Lite (and at one time for a while, I was running three)... I'm not sure what it is that you are describing here. Can you detail what happens if you try to run two actions on the separate monitors? What do you mean by "you cannot"? Is there an error that displays? Does a monitor power off?

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Main monitor is the laptop monitor. While i am using e.g. open office at one monitor (it doesnt matter which monitor) and watching a youtube video at the other. the open office site is minimized. When both programms are opened at one monitor and i pull one program at the other monitor, the not used monitor is minimized... When the actual used program is maximized i cant maximized the other inactive porgramm...
But i only found the problem while using open office and youtube at the same time... The note Programm at zorin can be maximized while youtube is maximized too...

This is a strange issue.
It sounds like something specific to Open Office, that it is highgrading the Window Management.

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