Second NIC required

Hey everybody,

i need a second NIC to connect to a second network with an separate IP. I tryed to use sudo ifconfig eth0:1 netmask up and restart the network, but there is no second NIC.

Then i would try the network manager, but they crashed immediately after start.

Is there another way to come to finish?

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Unless you have a server/workstation m/b with 2 network chip sets like mine, I do not think it is possible to connec to 2 separate networks with a single network device.


FrenchPress is correct, you need 2-separate NIC's in your machine to achieve what you are wanting to do.

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You can use the router to work between two networks as if it were one. Make sure to use cable, the router can differentiate between the two... possibly even perform dhcp for each (depends on the router and its limitations). This is the solution i would use instead of forking out for hardware you really don't need. It's a simple port forward to the router of the other network for traffic destined for a range of ip's.


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