Security and kernel bleeding

I put a command fwupdmgr security
Here i have a some a couple bleeding or bugs in kernel security Intel.

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Were you running firmware updates or have you run firmware updates recently?

Mostly this red describe are bleeding is Intel guard, propably processor.

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Read up on this vulnerability - don't feel too bad for having some older stuff lol

Do you share any devices with anyone? If not, probably don't have much to worry about. Just run a firewall, on your router (would suggest OpenWRT / DD-WRT) as well or separate (pfSense, etc.) and VPN if you can. RiseUp-VPN is in the snap store, free to use - but is recommended to donate. I take as much advantage to free security as much as I can; ClamAV as well on my Linux machines.. This is a crazy scary vuln though. Will have to follow this to see how Intel proceeds with a solution..

AMD has something similar. Most of these vulnerabilities are restricted to local or local network use.

You also have to take into consideration, who are you? Are you some head of a large fortune 500? Are you a senator or other public official? Are you a millionaire/ billionaire?

The general public, except those that are regularly in your life meaning you harm, do not have anything too worry about.

Cybercriminals focus on large databanks, databases and financial institutions. Your local library is more likely to get hacked than you! Social media is a huge focus because it's a center for peoples lives with all of many individuals information.

Anything less isn't really worth their time.

Everyone I hear say they have been hacked is mostly a device not working properly (failing hardware, lack of understanding what the device is capable of or damaged hardware from drops and misuse).

Those that have lost money are at fault for mindlessly giving information to unverified websites, posting it on social media (whether publicly or privately and the social site being successfully attacked) or other such nieve release of information online. None of it was because of a breach of their personal computer.

There is very little for you to worry about. You aren't Twitter. You are not a target. I'm sorry, but you are neither important enough nor interesting enough to go after. Not being rude... fact!

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This a woman talking many with security.

If I watch Youtube, they might be able to deduce what kind of person I am from the content of videos. :upside_down_face:

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Everything collect your data. In mobile when you lut a service code. IT Tiger what you using and how long.

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