Security for Web3 users

I like Zorin OS but I'm having trouble with the basic configuration to secure my privacy and finances in Web3.

I was thinking that it will be good to have more security features to protect the privacy of newbies in Web3.

My proposals:

1 - Allow to register a security key such as a SoloKeys and Yubikey5 to sign in to my FDE (during the LVM installation process of my FDE) because it's safer and easier to connect on a daily basis.

[> Anyone know how to sign in to my FDE with my security key? Right now, I did it by previously registering a static password in one of the slots my Yubikey = not friendly for most ppl]

2 - Create a 1-click security bundle installation for Web3.

During the installation process, you could ask users to check the box "Safe Web3", for example.

A / Automatically recognize:

  • Security Key like SoloKeys and Yubikey.
  • Hardware wallet like Trezor and Ledger.

B / Install Ledger Live and Trezor Suite.

C / Install the only open source cloud password manager that work perfectly well with security key, AFAIK Bitwarden. It’s cross-platform and even my mum can use it.

[> I was a bit disappointed by of NextCloud (hosted by but I’m open to other cloud based solutions. Someone know a free cloud based solutions easy to use with a security key?]

D / Install Firefox browser with strict privacy set up by default + Web3 wallets installed by default (like Tails did with uBlock Origin). Users could check boxes to choose what they want, like Metamask, Polkadot, Tezos Temple, and so on.

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While I have no knowledge of Web3 I'm sure you can setup your system the way you like it, however I see no reason why this particular setup should come out of the box with Zorin OS.


While I don't know what Web3 is either, Zorin OS is focused on stability, so I doubt they will jump on the latest technology.

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I'm hard pressed to find the correlation between the Zorin and Web3 here. The one has nothing to do with the other at this point in time and Web3 isn't even a reality yet. So you want Zorin to be Web 3 when Web 3 isn't even a thing.

Once again you want "Safe Web3" and a "Web3 Wallet" when in reality neither of those things are ready yet. Not too mention those are both complicated systems that people haven't even yet figured out, let alone any standards.

Firefox is installed by default, any changes you wish to do or even if you want to install one of the more "private" forks of Firefox you are free to do so. That's the way it should be.

There are plenty of "free" cloud storage solutions, you can easily google them. "Free" though is limited and you get what you pay for.

I use Bitwarden myself, however I do not think one should come "pre-installed", it should be up to the user to use and install what they want. This isn't Microsoft.

I don't know what Ledger Live or Trezor Suite is, which means I don't need it pre-installed either since I clearly don't use it. It's two less things I need to uninstall.

As for FDE, I'm not interested in that it is over kill for 99% of people. We had to do FDE because my husband sells insurance, it was so security tight it bricked the entire laptop along with many others in the company. Thanks, but No Thanks... I've had a laptop for decades now, not one has been lost or stolen.

It's not the job of Zorin or any OS to do all this for you, it's yours.

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I moved this to Feedback forum as it is not a general support issue.

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