Seeking Disk catalog software

I am trying to find an app I can use to catalog what's on my (roughly) 50 removable hard drives. They are filled with videos, music, pictures and various bits and pieces collected online over the last MANY years. Window$ had a great program called SyncBackSE that I purchased and maintained for a long time but it's not usable in the Linux world. Any ideas would be appreciated, even if I need to invest in the app, it's worth it! (I found one called Katalog but can't get it to work in Zorin.)

I've never used this program, but on their website is described as a "backup & synchronization utility for home use". Is this what you mean by catalog your drives?

There is Syncthing, which is cross-platform, to synchronize files across the network, both local and over internet. It's quite powerful, so I recommend looking into how to use it properly to avoid issues:

Keep in mind that synchronization is not the same as a backup. If you delete one file in one drive, it will be removed also in the others. But there's a feature to keep removed files in an archive in case this happens.

Thanks, I'll look into it. I had something earlier when looking for a backup program and discovered the difference between sync and backup, fortunately on some stuff that was not irreplaceable. I then stumbled across something called FreeFileSync that works great for limited backups and can be customized to NOT delete anything. I'm wary of a lot of things now. I'll get back after I try it out.