Seeking Help - Error Code 0x800703EE on Zorin OS with Intel Core i5 vPro External Drive Connection

Hello Everyone

I hope this message finds you all in good spirits. I am reaching out to the community with a puzzling issue that has me stumped. I am encountering Error Code 0x800703EE when trying to connect an external drive to my Zorin OS system, which is powered by an Intel Core i5 vPro processor.

Despite my efforts in checking cable connections, rebooting the system, and ensuring the external drive works on another system, the problem persists. I have also delved into system logs to gather more information about the error, but I'm still unable to find a resolution.

In this context, I have a few specific questions for the community:

Has anyone else faced Error Code 0x800703EE on Zorin OS, especially with an Intel Core i5 vPro processor?

Are there recommended logs or diagnostic tools that might provide more insights into the root cause of the error?

Are there known compatibility issues between Zorin OS and certain external drives or Intel processors that might be contributing to this problem?

I would greatly appreciate any tips, tricks, or workarounds that community members might have in their arsenal. If you've successfully navigated a similar issue in the past, your shared solution could prove invaluable.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Together, let's troubleshoot and overcome this challenge!

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This is a Windows System Error. What is displaying this error?

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What I found for that error is this:

There is also an issue with USB in general. For example, I have a MultiSystem USB memory stick/thumb drive/pen drive (whatever you want to call it). If I have had it present in GNU/Linux, then put it in eldest's Windows machine, it reports that there are errors on it (which is a lie!) Windows does not like GNU/Linux, despite Steve Ballmer having once said "I love Linux" - elsewhere he has stated Linux is a cancer on proprietary software! Oh and have also just discovered when I was trialling Windows 11 from a memory stick formatted on Eldest's drive and Windows 11 boot media installed on it, it tracks the machine that it was installed on. When I was just playing around with it to see if I could add KDE Plasma to it it prompted "Have you changed your hardware?" So clearly, Microsoft is even tracking where installation media is being used without the user's knowledge, which means you need a separate USB for other machines you wish to upgrade to Windows 11 (not for me though!)

I'm sure this is to handle Windows licenses to prevent cloned hard drives from having multiple licenses for different devices. It is a good anti-piracy measure, as it deactivates the license if it detects different hardware

But... that's just gonna be a pain for custom-built PCs when you want to upgrade them. You either have the license attached to your microsoft account so you can recover it (extra tracking and privacy-invasive processes running in the background without the user's consent, nice!!) or you buy it again. The personal bad experience I had with it wasn't even with a custom PC, it was with an OEM laptop that thought I "changed hardware" after reinstalling the system and therefore it had deactivated the license

USB devices misbehaving can sometimes be cleared up with installing libusb-dev - not a fix-all though, unless it works. Has brought some things to life for me though - worth a shot!

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