Select files by mouse cursor dragging in Nautilus

Hi, sorry for the basic question, I'm coming from z15 lite where selecting by dragging used to work without problems in Thunar, now I cant do it in z16 and gnome nautilus. Is this a normal behavior? or is there a tweak to get it?
Thanks in advance

I use both XFCE (MXLinux) and Nautilus (Zorin Core). I really do not feel much difference between those two. Drag and drop always works within the personal directory. Are you trying to drag and drop files to external/mounted drives?

I now understand what you wanted to say. You are looking at files in graphic mode and try to select multiple of them in one go. It is working for me in Nautilus.

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Hi there, actually you gave me a good hint to understand further the issue. Basically, it works as you said in icon view but it doesnt work in detailed view, which makes it even worst.
So it pretty much seems a Nautilus limitation. In detail view you can only selected multiple files with the keyboard, not the mouse. :slight_smile:
Thanks @FrenchPress

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Funny how the different workflow makes a different expectation for OS. For the file manipulation, I prefer folder view, hence never noticed this difference in two file managers.

BTW, coming from XFCE, you might miss the following 2 functions:

  1. complete deletion skipping recycle bin
  2. open directory as root

The first option can be enabled in the settings for Nautilus.

The second function can be added by the command:

sudo apt install nautilus-admin

Restart Nautilus and you are done!

nautilus -q
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Let me thank you once again for the 2. I missed that as well :slight_smile:

Glad to know that you found it useful :slight_smile:
The original article I found this trick is here:

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