Serious Screen Tearing in Zorin OS 16 Core

Download the .deb files into One Directory. CD a terminal into that directory and run

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

To install all at once.

Headers file encountered problems.


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Done it. After rebooting, 4.15 is available and loading process is ok (logo and name, no tearing!!!!! :)) but it showed

this screen:

At the prompt below the busybox error, type exit
it should show the actual errors.
Please relay them.

when I type "exit" it shows again the same text in console, as in my previous message.

See if it will accept the command:

sudo fdisk -l

This should list your Drives.
It should look like /dev/sdaX where the X is a number. For example, /dev/sda1

Identify the Drive.
Then use that to run:

sudo fsck /dev/sda1 -y

Replace "sda1" as needed by the drive you identified above...

message: "sh: sudo: not found"

checked on www: "Please note that sometimes you don't see any errors after typing the exit command. In that case, try to run fsck on all filesystems."

Try without sudo

fsck /dev/sda1 -y

Replace sda(1) as needed...

I can not list drives using fdisk, therefore I can not use fsck (I tried with fsck /dev/sda1 -y, but I got error2).

Reboot again , type "exit" and I got this message

There is not specified drive/volumen to fix.

Will it accept any commands?

cat /etc/fstab

2 days ago I was doing a deep research about how to fix "busybox" screen by trying different kernel versions. It didn´t work.
I finally decided to install linux mint 19.2 and I managed to update to 19.3, but not possible to 20.2 that I wanted to try. (the upgrading process was very slow and there was an error during the process and I had to use TimeShift to revert the changes and use the last working version).

Zorin OS has not the old versions of kernells that my laptop requires, it is a pity....

Thank everybody for your help!

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