Service to see network home LAN PC's on Zorin 17

I want to be able to view icons of other PC's on my home LAN network. At the moment on Nemo files, I can see and access only my Synology NAS unit.

I have Wine installed and working.

I'm not very familiar with how Nemo file manager works but just for completeness I've looked into this for Nautilus, the default for ZorinOS Core, and it looks like there's a proposal to make a formal view of "network connected devices":

Unfortunately it'll be some times until this appears on ZorinOS, so it'd be best to explore other options until then if this is a must have feature.


I'm using Nomachine on my win 11 box and Zorin 16. Allows you to share drives when a screen is shared and printers and displays. A lot easier than configuring samba and permissions. Works both ways too but caveat is you must have a screen shared for device sharing.

I share both Linux and windows machines but linux zorin 17 machines are not visible in windows network. I have compromised in the meantime with Linux 1-3 machine folders on Synas. I dump from windows or Linux into these folders for other device useage.

OK, Active Directory. Had option to do on install but couldn't see benefits?

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