Set up NAS on WD backup drive

I'm not really sure if it's really related to Zorin OS but it's about backups. I want to set up an NAS server in our home network on our WD My Book backup drive. I don't know how I should do this. It doesn't seem to have a LAN cable slot. Is it possible with such a drive?

I recycled my Netgear Home NAS after it reached to EOL.
I placed HDD in external enclosure and connected it to USB 3 port of Intel compute stick and installed OpenMediaVault.
You could so the same using RaspberryPi 4.

It runs great and I never have to worry about the end of the support :wink:

Could you describe the process more detailed, please?

You can download OpenMediaVault here:

You can install it like any other Linux OS.
I decided to use Intel Compute Stick since it is easy on the energy. RaspberryPi4 is also a good one to use. Since NAS is ON all the time, it is better to use energy efficient system.

And then I boot a drive from it or something like that? Or do I boot a device connected to a drive from this software?

Picture tells thousand stories.

Hard disk sits in the USB connected Hello Kitty external HDD enclosure on right.
Intel Compte Stick lays flat on left.

Since OpenMediaVault runs headless with a web interface, Compte Stick is not connected to a monitor.
Heatsink was added by me.

I understand it so, that I have to install this operating system on some device (example: Raspberry Pi). Then I just follow the setup and some stuff and watch a YouTube tutorial and set it up to display the connected backup drive in the network so I can access it.
I understand something like that.
Is that right?

Yes, you understand it right.

The trick is using some system which is easy on electricity.
Both Computestick and RasPi4 can be run on a USB power supply.
Another important point is USB 3.0 connection.
You could use USB 2.0 connection but the file transfer speed is veeeery slooow.

And the compute stick works how?

Okay. I already know. The power of the internet. Just a quick research.

The raspberry pi would be more affordable.

Basically it is a small computer.
It has 2 USB ports, HDMI port, and microSD reader.
You flash its internal eMMC using a USB which has OpenMediaVault installer. Just like you install Zorin on PCs.

This one was sold with Windows 8 but 32BG storage and 2GB memory makes it a very lousy Windows machine :wink:

I have another Computestick which has even worse spec than this.
It was sold with Ubuntu, 8GB storage and 1GB RAM.
It is currently leading its second life as Pihole in our network.

I auctioned my 32GB Compute stick at evilBay, i.e., cheap.
But if you prefer a new system, RasPi4 (the one with USB 3 port) is way more affordable.

RasPi4 comes with 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB RAM.
I think OpenMediaVault is OK with 2GB (cheapest) version.

Thank you for your help but for now my father told me that we can actually connect the drive to our router and access it that way. This is far less complicated and way less expensive. We will try that out first. If nothing works (what I think that it won't happen) I will try the NAS.
Thank you that you took time for responding me!

Your NAS will eventually be EOL and will receive no more security support like my Netgear.
When it happens, you can take the disk out of the enclosure and recycle it in a home made NAS.
Just remember not to discard it :wink:

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