Setting a Cursor Theme

I have made myself a cursor theme:
In the theme folder there are only some files, with no extensions, that Thunar recognizes to be "X11 cursor" types.
But, if I copy the whole directory in /home/$USER/.icons that does not work.

Try using ~/.local/share/icons instead? In another machine with XFCE it seems to work although this is for icons in general, not cursors, but it's worth a try.

The effort was appreciated but it still does not show up.

Things you might check:

  • Is the Theme encased in an additional folder inside of the ~/.icons directory?
  • Does it have the cursor.theme file and the index.theme file?
  • Is the information the above files correct?

What tool are you using to create the X11 cursor files? They are more than just images. Those belong in a subfolder named 'cursors' of the theme folder.

[dmn@Sydney FlatbedCursors.White-Custom2.Large]$ ls -1

Try /usr/share/icons directory - I have a Win10 cursor theme I'm using now; ~/usr/share/.icons wasn't the right spot for me.

it does not have such files.

These files are oddly necessary.

Make two new files and name them as above.
Paste into the cursor.theme file:

[Icon Theme]
Inherits=(Put your Icon Theme Name Here as it is named by your Icon theme Folder. The name is not in parentheses, these are only here to mark the area you must change)
Comment=converted by SignorCastello

For index.theme

[Icon Theme]
Name=(Same as above for the name.)
Comment=converted by SignorCastello
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Then I put it in my /home/$USER (us italians can't easily do the tilde) /.icons and... it worked!


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