Setting up a computer to sell with Zorin Pro

Hello all,

First post, please be kind. I am about to sell a couple of old macbooks that are no longer apple updatable/upgradable.

Is there a way I can purchase Zorin and install it on the two macbooks without having it attached to me/my financial info?

I have had some interest in purchasing with a Linux os, and think Zorin is my best bet to have the most functionality/ease of use.

I'd appreciate any info/insight.

Pro is a download iso and isn't attached to you at all that anyone else would know.

But if it is that much of a concern why not just install the core version.


Exactly .... the only difference between Zorin 16 Pro and Zorin 16 is a few desktop images and some different programs which most people will download themselves if they need them later on ..... I would go with Zorin 16 core version like DeanG suggested ...... much better choice ....

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ok, thank you!

Ubuntu budgie comes with those for free.

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