Setting up automatic updates?

I have an old ThinkCenter Tiny M73 I'm using as a HTPC, except it doesn't have a tpm chip so windows will be dropping it soon. I do not feel it appropriate to be using outdated and unsupported software, so I'm looking to switch it to Zorin OS as all I need is my preferred browser and PWA apps. Since this computer is used infrequently, is it possible to automate all updates so it stays up to date? Or at least minimize the number of times it requests manually updating without halting security updates? Thanks.

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From the app menu you can launch Software & Updates and move to the Updates tab.
Set your preferences.
Now install the Unattended Upgrades package:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install unattended-upgrades

Ensure that unattended upgrades is running:

sudo systemctl status unattended-upgrades.service


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