Setting up fingerprint reader in Lenovo Thinkpad

Hey y'all, I've been trying to set up my fingerprint reader in ZorinOs but I'm facing some trouble. The user's dashboard in the setting isn't displaying the fingerprint toggle. I already tried the pam-auth-update and restarted my laptop but it did not fix the problem. So, can anyone suggest how to enable the fingerprint scanner?

I would suggest searching the forum as there are numerous postings giving out different solutions to try and get it working.

Please note: depending upon your fingerprint reader there may be no driver and it will not work no matter what you try and do.

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and even IF you find a driver that works, you MIGHT experience that it behaves slow and erratic (slower than onwin 11 for example) and want to disable is soon after you found your demanded driver. Just saying and just my latest experience with exact this same problem, but on a different notebook model

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Thanks. I've noticed that one of my friend also has a thinkpad and his fingerprint is also not working in fedora. Zorin is a really good os. But, there are always some trade-off. Which device are you using?

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