Settings - About page displays incorrect value for Memory

The Settings - About page shows that I have 12.0 GiB Memory. If that is meant to be the total amount of physical memory installed in Gigabites than it is reporting only half of the total physical memory installed (24.0 GB). Other system utilities such as btop report the correct amount (23.4 GiB). You may have a software defect in that code.
Also, is there a way to change the units reported by the system to standard "byte"-based values as opposed to "bite"-values?
Thank you and P.S.
I'm really enjoying the whole experience of using your linux distro. It passed my first test of easy virtual machine creation using Hyper-V under Windows 10. It just worked, no tweaking required. I then made a physical install on an extra SSD I had which also worked perfectly the first time, again no tweaking required. I was especially pleased that it auto-detected and installed the latest drivers for my nvidia GTX 1080i GPU with no tweaking required. I'm also really impressed with the overall system performance which is SO much faster than Windows 10. I decided to go full-in on a Linux / Python workstation for development of machine learning models using Micropython, TinyML, Tensoflow on various microcontrollers and thus far your distro is handling access to every microcontroller I have via USB with no tweaking required (once I figured out when to push the buttons on the microcontrollers so the OS recognized them!). Since this first test is going so well, I plan to buy my REAL dev box in the next month and that machine will be a 12 core / 64GB / RTX 3080i beast of a box! I have no problem paying for the Pro licenses on all the machines I'll be using in my business to help support your efforts. Right now I'm testing it on a 2013 gaming machine and it's a real pleasure to work with; however, I'm looking forward to getting the high performance box and really seeing what your distro can do! Feel free to contact me if you're looking for beta testers, especially on high performance hardware. Thank you for your efforts and I hope to have a long and profitable association with your products.

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