Setup hotkey to switch audio devices?

Hello, new to ZorinOS! In Windows I use a little application called 'audio switcher' to quickly use hotkeys to change system default playback and recording devices between my loudspeakers and my headset.

Does something comparable maybe exist in Ubuntu perhaps, or would be possible to set up a macro or something?

I'm on Solus OS - Gnome 46, so I'm not sure if Gnome 43 on Zorin has this implemented yet. But there should be an easy switcher by default.

Thank you @Storm ! Yes, I had discovered this as well, it exists in Zorin. It's good for a relatively quick switching of playback device, but does not let me change recording device / mic, and it still requires mouse actions. So if anyone knows a way to use hotkeys to switch both devices to a desired mapped device, that would be great. :slight_smile:

I found now something called "Sound Switcher Indicator" which fits the bill nicely. You can hide audio devices that you never use and setup hotkeys to switch easily (that part I didn't get to work yet, but still, already much easier to use than the built-in sound device switcher)