Share files between Zorin16 Core and Windows10

I can't share files between Zorin16 Core and Windows10 using wifi Lan. Just installed Samba but nothing works. Thank you for suggestions.

Can you provide more troubleshooting details? What have you tried? Do you get any error messages or warnings?

I have a similar situation; I have 7 TB of stuff all on NTFS formated drives, 1TB SSD, two 2GB internal disks, and 1 Ext 2GB
I have another 400GB SSD when I finally decide to move on to linux; but I need W10. Dual boot is my only option and I have too much NTFS (7gb) at stake; I dunno what to do honestly
What should I be aware of when interacting with files in NTFS drives while in Linux?

@TheRaven @elleti, do you 2 even mount those drives in linux ? i can mount my ntfs drives without any problems. I have 4, 2TB ssd external drivers. They are all exFAT and also working fine.

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