Share folders between Zorin and Mac

Hi there,

I'm trying to do the same but between Zorin and Mac (shared folder on Zorin mounted disk to be accessed by the mac or another device..).

I was only able via sudo nautilus to setup the folder to be shared but noticed that it doesn't reflect in the file manager (icon logo on the folder not shown when not running sudo nautilus).

When i try without sudo nautilus i get the following error:

Screenshot from 2021-09-22 21-40-59

Could this be due to wrong permissions? I noticed on mounted disks in Zorin i'm unable to create a folder..

When i try to access the shared folder via my mac, i'm not even able to connect to Zorin via the IP address though i see the PC (2 devices: the hostname and the IP).

Is there a tuto that i could follow to start from scratch to solve both cases:

  • the permissions on the mounted disks (edit permission) and
  • sharing a folder on a mounted disk on my home network so that it can be accessed by other devices?


Since it is not a file sharing between 2 Zorin systems (which is the original thread), I created a new thread for you with a more depicting title.
It is also better not to necromancing 4 month old thread. :coffin: :skull_and_crossbones:


I no longer use Mac so my memory is bit rusty, might this help?

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Make sure that you adjust your drive permissions.

sudo nautilus

Then right click on your drive, go to properties.

Make sure you set it the proper group for file sharing, and make sure you set the permissions to create and delete files.

Don't forget to include the options for enclosed files within folder permissions. If you are still having issues, you may not also have ownership of the drive.

You might have to use the chown command.


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