Share screen: save the password and enable the clipboard?

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I enabled the screen sharing function with a password to remote control my Zorin OS Cor PC from my Windows PC with TightVNC.

It works, but after each reboot, I have to enter the password needed to connect to the server (on my Zorin OS PC in screen sharing option) and the clipboard doesn't work.

Is it possible to enable these two functions on the screen-sharing option, or should I install another vnc server? (but if I'm right, TightVNC server is windows-only).


I was looking up some common issues on that - do you have that box checked for disable clipboard transfer in options?

vnc - How to share Windows clipboard with Linux using TightVNC? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange <- what I found for reference.. Don't have / use TightVNC myself to know, heh.


You mean on my TightVNC client? Yes, the disable clipoard option is unchecked:

By the way, I use this same client to control Windows PCs and clipboard sharing works (but they have TightVNC server installed).

Hmm.. After using TightVNC, cannot copy/paste between Windows applications - Stack Overflow <- Ultimately OP moved to TigerVNC but, killing / restarting the VNC server seemed to work for one...

Have you tried any TightVNC stuff through apt in Zorin?:

Screenshot from 2023-09-17 00-25-50

Thanks for the link.

I tried to install TigerVNC server 1.13.1 by downloading the .deb file then double click on it, but I had a message "can't install tigervncserver: the following packages have unmet dependencies:


I've not tried to install TightVNC server because the free version is only the old one: 1.3.10, and my client is the last one (2.8.81). I tell myself that this could cause problems but I could still try...

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The dependency problem can be caused by you're using a .deb package which are build for more recently Ubuntu than Zorin is based on. Make sure you download a package that says Ubuntu 20.04


I think you're right, I downloaded the deb for Ubuntu 22.04! I will try with the deb file for Ubuntu 20.04, thanks :slight_smile:

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Unmet dependencies can be cleaned up (if apt) with sudo apt install -f - I always had to do that when trying to install the kernel manager .deb. Only Zorin lol

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So I tried with the good deb version, and the installation was completed without errors, but I didn't manage to just use Tiger VNC. I also tested TightVNC and X11vnc, at best I managed to get the same result as Zorin's screen sharing, but still without the clipboard and/or the permanent connection. I may be doing it wrong because I have the impression that I have to configure a lot of settings on the command line (I was hoping for a GUI like the TightVNC server under Windows which can be configured in a few clicks...).

Moreover, regarding this last point, I think that even for Zorin screen sharing, if I have to re-enter a password each time on the server side, it seems linked to the fact that my Zorin session connects automatically, without needing to enter my password (it was a choice).

Anyway, I then installed krfb from Software and this is the solution that gave me the best results because at least the clipboard works :slight_smile:

On the other hand, the same problem with the permanent password, when I restart the PC, I have to manually launch krfb on the PC and type a kde wallet password.

That's where I'm at and it's already cool to have the clipboard, but if anyone has a simple solution to having a VNC server automatically accessible after starting the PC (without having to intervene) and with a functional clipboard in both directions, I'm interested (my client is TightVNC Windows).

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Hi :slight_smile:

I managed to solve everything. Here's how I did it:

  1. So I installed Krfb (listed in Softwares, the deb version, not the Snap one).
  2. I configured Krfb with a permanent password (via GUI) and checked the option "Do not remember passwords using KDE wallet ( (it says that it saves the password in the config file, which is not secure, but it's ok for me for this PC)
  3. I added this line to the krfbrc file located in .config:
  1. I added Krfb in Start Applications in Zorin (just added the krfb command)

Everything works perfectly: the server starts automatically invisibly every time I boot my PC and copy-paste works. When I connect with a client, the icon appears in the notification.

Bye :slight_smile:


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