Share your desktop, what does it look like?


What theme is that ??? Love the top bar. I used to have that in linux mint 17 cinnamon.

Edit: see here Taskbar i used in Mint 17.x available for zorin os 16?

Sweet theme. :orange_heart: :black_heart:

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My new desktop background.


Nice work! I would like to get myself more comfortable editing these style sheets, but I'm still shaky about messing things up for the whole theme and then needing to revert. I'll get there one day.

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Applying off-the-shelf themes is fairly easy, but I'm still not comfortable making big changes either, specially on Gnome itself.

On Firefox, what I did to make sure that I didn't mess things up, which I definitely did a few times, is create dedicated profiles. If you need to start over, just delete the profile and it's like it never happened. As I was experimenting I ended up with this:

Still not sure if I'll keep any of these but I think my customization fever went away for now so I'll keep things like that, probably until I decide to move on to another distribution :smile:

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In Firefox, you can use the Firefox color extension

to create your own theme. I did this in order to customize the tab, menu and bookmark text color. It works well and doesn't require modification of css or any other files.

I tried that when I was still using Windows. Unfortunately, I wasn't very good at creating colours.

There's this program you can install ColorPicker to select the hexadecimal codes of any color on the screen. If you visit a site or something that you like how it uses colors, you can use that. I do it sometimes to create accent colors and whatnot. But definitely using a pre-made theme is so much easier (if you find the right one...)

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Thanks Zenzen I reinstalled that from the apt store as I had deleted it before trying to streamline ....

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I got bored of my current background, so I changed it to this.

Note I added a clock to my desktop. This one.



Merry Numix
Distro: Zorin OS 16.2 Pro
Theme: Numix BLACK Pomegranate 2.0
Icons: Numix Square
Widget: Conky Dex
Wallpaper: Ubuntu 22.12.1 Wallpapers package


Hi, I have been following this post for a few days already getting ideas so here is my desktop

A lot of what I have read here has been very helpful, this is probably not my final version but I am happy with it


I really like that background, can you share where you got it from please?

Oh, uhh... I just did a search for cool aesthetic desktop backgrounds.

Spiral Linux Plasma


That distro is pretty new, how does it run ?

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There's another new distro called Vanilla OS if you didn't know.

Why do all distro’s use the nautilus file manager instead of nemo :face_with_peeking_eye: