Share your desktop, what does it look like?

How Many MIcs - The Fugees Live :microphone:
ZorinOS 16.3 Pro
WhiteSur Nord LIght
McMojave Circle Icons
Grassy Wallpaper
Light Flair Clock Conky Widget
Big Sur Status Area Extension
Logo Menu Extension

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Playing around with KDE Plasma (MX-Linux 23.1 KDE):


I really like that glassy theme and the dark tones.

The theme is called 'curved volatile'.
I will come back later with info about the rest of it. Not ideal theme for a low-vision user!

Because Halloween :fallen_leaf::bat:


Breakdown of theming on MX-Linux KDE 23.1:

Global theme, CurvedVolatile:

Application Style, QT Curve (had to change it to this as Firefox had hidden minimize, maximize, close buttons!:

Plasma Style: CurvedVolatile:

Colours, MX-Comfort-Dark (Window background colour):

Window Decorations, WIN11OS-dark:

Icons, Colourful-Dark-Icons:

Cursors, SpaceKCursors:

SplashScreen, Breeze:

Kvantum-Dark - what Dolphin looks like:

Forgot about the Vista style wallpaper, Vision_zero-1920:

But my particular favourite is Tux breaks Aero! (99991-tux_tr)

The default Wallpaper, 23:

Just to add the default theme for KDE tends to be Breeze (cf. Gnome's Adwaita). The only bit of Adwaita present in MX-Linux KDE is the Gnome Icon theme, nothing else. MX-Linux better than KDE Neon because you can install Synaptic. Have also just discovered Synaptics History - was messing around removing some Pulse Audio packages and lost sound - got them back by checking History in Synaptic - Best App Manager ever!


Hmm, appears some of my screenshots got messed up. Will edit later.
[Updated: Corrected screenshots to match descriptive text!]

Zorin 16.2
Wallpaper: Ketsa Colors V1 (cut)
Icons: Captiva-2-dark [GTK2/3]
Theme: WhiteSur-Dark [GTK2/3]



Is this for download? it's very cool!


Ubuntu 24.04 ‘Noble Numbat’ Daily Build
Moments Before Sunrise 8 Wallpaper
Flat Remix GNOME Shell


You could always airbrush the logo out and replace with a Z-logo and change the colur scheme to shades of Blue!

Lovely wallpaper, very nice.

@AhavaLeaf I don't know why but looking at ubuntu with blue theme is just weird to me :joy:


Thanks @zenzen :+1:

:joy: yea the other colour was hurting my eyes after a while

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Yes! Samesies :green_heart::blue_heart:



Well, been playing around a bit more with MX-Linux KDE and chosen some new settings and colours. The problem with CurvedVolatile and Menu is fine while backdrop is dark/black, but light background, with it having transparency, made the fonts of the menu unreadable, say when Firefox open so here are the new settings!

Global Theme: Colorful-Dark-Global:

Application Style remains as QtCurve:

Plasma Style is now Colorful-Dark-Plasma:

Colour scheme is Colorful-Blue-Dark-Colorscheme:

Window decorations, Colorful-Dark-Aurorae:

Icons are now Magna-Dark-Icons:

Cursors are now Oxygen-Black (most oxygen cursors can go up to 72 pixels as in screenshot):

Splash screen is Colorful-Dark-Global (Neon revolving colours around KDE Logo in middle - the Dark black has concentric repeating circles, looks like a giant loud speaker!}:

Wallpaper is Magna-Logo-Wallpaper-With-Plasma-Logo:

Login screen:


Wow, that looks pretty good. It's making me a little jealous... might switch to it and also give KDE another try :smiley: