Share your desktop, what does it look like?

I'm using an app called Hidamari.

Thanks - great app! Looks like it isn't compatible with two screens though :frowning: One screen scrolls whilst the other never changes from the first frame.

According to the repo it does support multi monitor:

There's also a link to another project by the same author that seems to work with multi monitor as shown on the demo. You can try that as well, although it says it's experimental.

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@Storm also provided this method:

Which I prefer since I do not have to hassle with another series of applications and it works flawlessly on two or three monitor setup.

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Firstly, very long over-due. Thanks for your help (on this and the to conky or not to conky thread). I now have conky on both my Zorin pc's.
Now, I have no clue on how to modify. Yet. I do plan on doing so, because I'd like to change the gotham settings to make it smaller, and color change.
Thanks Aravisian.


I like this desktop look a lot.
OS: Zorin 16.2 Core
Theme: Marshmellow Link
Widget: Conky qlocktwo Link
Wall: Flower Tree Link
Icons: Zafiro icons Link


Beware of the living dragon :fire: :dragon:


I made some minor changes to my desktop, such as the font. :arrow_down:

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