Share your desktop, what does it look like?

Danny Phantom Desktop setup video with danish music (which may be blocked in some countries).

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Love the music but for some reason the lyrics aren't failure to me ... :crazy_face: .... oh wait you said it is Danish ... sorry my bad ..... :sunglasses:

The beat is very catchy ..... you can envision the Vikings riding the rough seas in their Long Boats ...... a great heritage that one can be proud of ...... it brings back memories to me of the movie "The 7th Son" or something close to that ..... love that movie ......

When will the round Danny Phantom be ready to download ????? ....

A week or so. But that means I can't do gaming :cry:

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OH NO MR STORM ..... never give up your gaming ..... gaming is life ..... :rofl: ..... I found a new game on Steam called 'theHunter Call Of The Wild' ...... its a game about hunting all kinds of animals .... if your into that sort of thing .....

Just finished downloading and installing it last night cost was $19.95 and the reviews on the Tube are great and it works with Proton 6.3.8 ...... so I'll be busy today copying down all the keyboard controls and other stuff to use to play the game plus viewing more videos on the Tube ....

OMG .... it's hard to be retired ..... and I just recently had a birthday so I'm now 78 .... yikes ..... :crazy_face: :sunglasses: :rofl: :rofl:


Congrats is in order then :slight_smile:

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Dark Fantasy Theme:


Happy birthday if your 78 your two years older than me? thought I was the oldest on here? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Actually, neither of you are. :wink:

In fact, neither of you are even close to the oldest... :stuck_out_tongue:

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My Desktop




Autumn :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf:
ZorinOS 16.3 Pro
Macosh GTK Theme
Uniform+ Symbolic Icons
Autumn Text Wallpaper


I have a new laptop and therefore a new desktop.


Anyone ever tried this to generate background images?

sudo apt search evolvotron

evolvotron/focal 0.7.1-3build1 amd64
  Generator of textures through interactive evolution


My desktop layout for Fedora 39 Beta (GNOME 45) VM:

It looks pretty much the same as my other Fedora installation minus the desktop icons. I've also activated the hidden GNOME Shell light theme through dconf.
Note that I haven't used all my processor cores as I constantly ran into the clock watchdog timeout error (not obvious - I had to boot into Fedora 38 to find that error) when trying to boot with all my cores.


About that - I had to install that through Github, not the extensions website.

I may like linux more than windows, but as someone who lived through the era of what was considered the last good windows version but hasn't used it, I was curious to know how it felt using it, so with the help of a few icon themes and shell themes, i made zorin look like windows 7


That was easier than I thought it would be... I've never 'themed' my Zorin OS before, but it was super easy using the themes from the B00merang-Project. I used the Windows XP Royale Dark theme.

  1. Go to Desktop themes - BOOMERANG

  2. Download the theme you want to use to your desktop and extract the .zip file.

  3. Open sudo nautilus.

  4. Drag the theme you want to /usr/share/themes. For my setup, I dragged the Windows XP Royale Dark and the Windows XP Luna folders over, so I could try out both.

  5. Right-click the folder and select  Properties . Go to the  Permissions  tab.

  6. Set the permissions as:
    Owner: root
    Access: Create and delete files
    Group: root
    Access: Access files
    Others: {blank}
    Access: Access files

  7. Click the  Change Permissions for Enclosed Files...  button and set the permissions to the same as above.

  8. Reboot.

  9. Open gnome-tweaks and go to the  Appearance  tab. For  Applications , select the new theme. For  Shell , select the new theme.

  10. Done!

Oomox graphical theme editor installation:

Download the latest .deb version of TheMix GUI.

Install it by right-clicking the file and selecting  Open With Other Application , then selecting  Software Install .

You'll see a window like this:

It took a really long time to install on my system, not sure why.

When it's done, you'll see a new icon under Zorin menu > System Tools, named Themix/Oomix Theme Designer.

Once the program opens, you can create whatever color scheme you like, and save it as a theme, which you would put into /usr/share/themes.

It'll also install Inkscape, which can create scalable vector graphic images.


I initially installed it through the extensions website, but I read a review saying it does work on GNOME 45 if you install it through Github.

You guys use desktop icons?

I do, but the day I go back to using gnome as the DE, I'm considering not to, since it just looks much cleaner to keep the desktop empty (or maybe with just widgets) and open the apps menu from the taskbar when I actually need to open something instead of having a few icons always thrown around in the desktop

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