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Trying out Ubuntu Budgie 23.10.1
Aero Grass Wallpaper
WhiteSur Dark Theme


Oh yes very much so. :heart_eyes:

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Decided to try Kubuntu 23.10 today and it's kicking my butt. I guess Zorin spoiled me, can't wait for 17 to come out.

I still need to give kubuntu a try. The KDE desktop was what made me curious about linux at first, and so far I've only used it with Manjaro (good distro, but very limited official repository and lack of trust on the AUR repository, necessary for some apps) and that one time I accidentally installed Kubuntu 64bit on a 32bit laptop because I didn't know it was 32bit... I still don't understand how did it even work like that, no wonder steam gave error during installation :sweat_smile:

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I have to say. As much as I disliked all the problems with Vista back in the day. One thing I did like about it was it's visuals. I personally found it more visually appealing then XP, Win95.

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Still some life in Win 10.

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Looks better animated.

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Sunday is a Funday.
Make sure you feed your Shark and always listen to Mr. Cow :crazy_face:

  1. Conky theme: Shaula
  2. Zorin ASCII & Neofetch: config

MX-Linux 23.1 KDE - Old on the new!

One thing I have not checked on Desktops, MX-Linux KDE has the same sound issues as I experienced before - all channels work but coming out on different speakers to where they are supposed to be coming from!


How Many MIcs - The Fugees Live :microphone:
ZorinOS 16.3 Pro
WhiteSur Nord LIght
McMojave Circle Icons
Grassy Wallpaper
Light Flair Clock Conky Widget
Big Sur Status Area Extension
Logo Menu Extension

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Playing around with KDE Plasma (MX-Linux 23.1 KDE):


I really like that glassy theme and the dark tones.

The theme is called 'curved volatile'.
I will come back later with info about the rest of it. Not ideal theme for a low-vision user!

Because Halloween :fallen_leaf::bat:


Breakdown of theming on MX-Linux KDE 23.1:

Global theme, CurvedVolatile:

Application Style, QT Curve (had to change it to this as Firefox had hidden minimize, maximize, close buttons!:

Plasma Style: CurvedVolatile:

Colours, MX-Comfort-Dark (Window background colour):

Window Decorations, WIN11OS-dark:

Icons, Colourful-Dark-Icons:

Cursors, SpaceKCursors:

SplashScreen, Breeze:

Kvantum-Dark - what Dolphin looks like:

Forgot about the Vista style wallpaper, Vision_zero-1920:

But my particular favourite is Tux breaks Aero! (99991-tux_tr)

The default Wallpaper, 23:

Just to add the default theme for KDE tends to be Breeze (cf. Gnome's Adwaita). The only bit of Adwaita present in MX-Linux KDE is the Gnome Icon theme, nothing else. MX-Linux better than KDE Neon because you can install Synaptic. Have also just discovered Synaptics History - was messing around removing some Pulse Audio packages and lost sound - got them back by checking History in Synaptic - Best App Manager ever!


Hmm, appears some of my screenshots got messed up. Will edit later.
[Updated: Corrected screenshots to match descriptive text!]

Zorin 16.2
Wallpaper: Ketsa Colors V1 (cut)
Icons: Captiva-2-dark [GTK2/3]
Theme: WhiteSur-Dark [GTK2/3]