Share your Favourite Food

I love food :joy: Share your favourite food. Than i would have a list of food which I would test :joy:.

(My thought: life is all about food and love)

Eggs Florentine


A muffin base, then portobello mushroom, then cooked spinach, topped off with a poached egg, smothered in Hollandaise sauce and a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper.

I do love garlic cheese on bread with a slice of red pepper on top.

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Margarita. I have it every Wednesday.

Roasted peppers filled with eggs and feta cheese

This dish always reminds me of the carefree, hot summer days from my childhood. I remember my mother cooking this meal so often for lunch. Here summer is the peak season for peppers and tomatoes, so we would have plenty of those in our vegetable garden, so this meal made with the freshly picked peppers and eggs from our chickens always made the taste of it incredible. To this day when I sense the smell of roasted peppers get the nostalgic feeling about this dish and start craving it. For me it is the taste of summer with it’s simplicity and refreshing qualities.

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Lechon Macao (pork) cooked in a air-fryer ..... camote (sweet potato) red and white rice mixed .... sweet & sour sauce and water (the Coke Zero isn't mine :stuck_out_tongue:) .... dinner for 2

Bad day to see this post while having a fast :joy: :sob:


Yaki-imo (baked sweet potato)

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I'm also having that today

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Actually I love that sweet :potato:. Infact I have planted them in my kitchen garden!
PotatoBoy :yum:

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Plums in a dough. Njammi...

I love Hawawshi (spicy minced meat sandwiches),and small sardine,and Liver sandwich,and meat kofta,and the mix of eggplant and potato in sauce ,okra, this type of food make me eat more and more.

Frozen Chinese-style fried rice.

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