Share your Linux/non-Linux Christmas 🎄 gift ideas 🎅

My planned gift for my husband. Volumio player made with RaspberryPi Zero W + sound card in a plastic parts container:

Budget less than 17 Euro + my time (priceless!)

Along with Origami wreaths:

Budget almost 0 + my time (priceless!)


Santa won't be coming till December 25th, unless you plan on waiting for him to come down the chimney and arrest him when he tries to eat the milk and cookies, I suggest patience.

I will say you are super talented FrenchPress, your Origami wreaths look really beautiful, much like the soul that went into creating them. :purple_heart:
:star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: rating!

I am saddened by the fact that there won't actually be any raspberry pie to eat. :pie: But, we all like technology! :grin:

Christmas is a family endever, so it always makes sense to share. Gosh, I remember when we would go to so much work putting up the Christmas tree every year, and putting up the Christmas lights. And then, you gotta do it all over again, to take things down, talk about freezing your behind off in the cold.

While I love Christmas, as its my favorite holiday and all, I don't celebrate it anymore cause it really makes no sense. Its really something you do for the kids more then anything else. Anyways, your an Origami wiz FrenchPress! :blush:



I received one of these and enjoy it very much on cold winter days. They are cross platform. I have a sunfounder kit as well. For kids of all ages. :slightly_smiling_face:Screenshot from 2021-11-04 08-33-28


Really raspberry Pi. Cool I have raspberry Pi from 2014 and trying find tutorial streaming a spotify. Bluetooth communication or wifi or idk how it works. :grinning:

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I am planning to write a tutorial for how to do that using old RasPi and least expensive RasPi (PiZero that is) before the Christmas :slight_smile:

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Yeah you have this magic hands to writing interesting scripts. Good Luck @FrenchPress

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