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I am planning to install Zorin Pro 16.3 for a new computer dedicated for my daughter. She is not tech saavy, and I would like to have the capability of remotely connecting to her computer if she needs help. A software such as Teams would be great.

Does Linux have a easy to use application that I would install on both my computer and my daughters so that I can help her out if she experiences issues? I searched a bit and I saw Remmina as an option. It seems complicated to setup. I need something simpler. Or, I need guidance on how to set it up.

Thank you for your guidance.

Just FYI that Zorin OS 17 will come out soon maybe in 1 or 2 months, possibly less. I would hate for you to pay for 16.3 and then have to buy 17 so soon. In addition, consider getting Zorin OS 16.3 first at no cost (Core edition) and then upgrade to 17 Pro which is the paid version when it comes out if that is what you really want. Regardless of what choice you make, you can still donate a few bucks to the Zorin brothers to help keep development going.

Also - consider Mint which is fantastic. Despite my liking Mint too, Zorin OS is almost my preferred distribution.

I will now defer to whoever can provide a response directed at your question. Best of luck, Zorin OS is a solid choice.

I use Team Viewer.
For a simple setup,, with file transfer video/voice etc, i recommend "Jami"
Jami is a peer to peer app, & installs on ALL platforms .. VERY PRIVATE & SECURE...

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I've never used it myself, but ZorinOS comes with Remmina out of the box.


There's also Jitsi, if you'd prefer not to use Zoom or other proprietary, data-hungry services.

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Jitsi Meet used to be simple on Android. I was about to setup a 'room' on my un-Googled android phone and was told I had to be a moderator before I could set this up. This means you have to sign up for a Github account (unfortunately I signed up with a now defunct e-mail address so this is going to be fun! I will never use Zoom (never have done) when it became evident that they lied about it having end-to-end encryption as standard. Jitsi does not have encryption enabled but it is easy enough to turn on. Only used Remmina to access remote private website to access shared Windows server at work whilst working from home. Will need to check that video out that zenzen posted.

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Dear all,
I wish to thank you for your advice. I've settled to install Zoom-client. @AZorin created a tutorial post regarding this. This should work for me.

Also, Google meet would be an excellent idea. I only have used Microsoft Teams and Facebook Messenger for videoconferencing.

I sincerely wish to thank you all for your insights. I will get started building Zorin on my daughters computer.

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