Sharing Wifi? [SOLVED]

I'm trying to connect my Zorin OS 16 Pro laptop to my PS5 via ethernet from Laptop to console, so that I could run my VPN from my laptop to console and monitor network traffic via wireshark etc is that possible on Zorin?

My only workaround was to install windows 10 via VM just to use their network sharing adapters but I wish i didn't have to do that...

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You will have to have an ethernet wire connected to do this... it's not like android, it doesn't have multiple wireless radios to perform a relay type setup. You can follow one of these two methods:

Or, if your laptop has Bluetooth, you could pair the two devices and share your laptop internet through the Bluetooth connection. That would limit bandwidth a bit though.

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Yeah that was actually one of the first things i tried to do, create a hotspot for my PS5 to connect to, but i would of also liked an ethernet to console sharing method along side it's just very convenient for my setup.

I used to do this on Windows.

Windows network settings>

Open network and sharing center>

Change adapters settings>

Right click properties on WiFi>

Select sharing tab>

Tick the allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection box>

Open the drop down box and select Ethernet adapter and done my PS5 was able to connect to the internet via Ethernet cord from my laptop.

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Oh...i thought you wanted to share it as a wifi. My mistake.

Have you tried adding openvpn to your router to configure the vpn there? I do understand that having it pass through the laptop gives you other capabilities as well (monitoring fps, network lag and such) but it would allow for the fastest speeds possible on the vpn. Ps5 nic is capable of 800+ mb/s by wifi.

You would still be able to monitor network traffic by way of an app or your router admin page.

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Ah yes I actually am using the openvpn tab feature with the config file in there very nice addition i must say, now it's just a matter of connecting all this stuff up like my last post preferably if it's possible. just so i could scrap my win10 vm and not have to look back, i just haven't found a linux way of doing all this lol

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Lol... I'm working on it, but most of what I'm seeing is for wifi sharing, not wifi to ethernet. Give me a few minutes if you would. Kick some but* in fenyx for me. Lol

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no rush at all thank you, at least if this isn't possible in the end maybe the Zorin team could add this feature in the future if enough light gets shed on this subject.

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Try this one... it's layed out well and i think will work for you... much better than the vm option.

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Did you mean to say butt? I'm just wondering why you have an asterisk. I looked for the References at the bottom. But I couldn't find anything in the end.


i'm tinkering around with that guide at the moment i'll update you as soon as i can.


Hey I sorted it out turns out linux is sort of reversed when it comes to windows with this sort of thing...all i had to do is nm-connection-editor select my ethernet adapter

under general: (connect automatically with priority -999) box ticked

then under IPv4 settings set it to (shared to other computers) hit apply and done.
connect wired connection:)

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