Shell theme for gnome 43

i love the zorin gnome shell theme, but in the new quick settings tool it doesn't work. i KNOW this will be featured in future updates, but is there some way to make it look clean for now?


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Some info here maybe you find something.

Zorin OS is using Gnome 3.38, not Gnome 43.

this is the point

I have also been tinkering with Gnome 43 and I tried using Zorin Shell and also noticed that it doesn't work properly. I wonder if anyone knows a way to fix it?

This is akin to noticing that a GTK2 theme is not working on GTK3.

Zorin OS Gnome-Shell desktop is for GTK3.
You are trying to use it on GTK4.

I thought as much, I was just wondering if maybe someone much smarter than I had tried to make a GTK4 version of Zorin shell theme on their free time. Would be cool!

I think that since the ZorinGroup will most likely already be on that, for Zorin OS 17, it wouldn't be conducive for a user to try to.

Exciting things ahead, thank you for the info as always sir :saluting_face:

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