Shift+Alt cannot be used in Keyboard Hotkeys (trying to set Change Language)

Also one of the literally necessary things that are not present in ZorinOS, although it can be done. And it will work fine.

As you can see in the screenshot, you can still use Shift+Alt, but apparently something is blocking their use. After all, changing the language works great, out of the box expirience like.

This bug is present in ZorinOS 17.1

On your Screenshot stands Alt+Shift L

One Option is, that this means You have to use the lefts Shift Key. Or there is a + missing and You must push Alt+Shift+L. Did You tried that?

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It's working for me on Gnome/core..

If you find your choice doesn't work, it maybe because the combination your trying is already in use.

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The problem is that settings does not register Left Shift + Left Alt. But if you gonna use terminal with command that is provided on link. Its working fine - so i guess something is blocking input for some reason? I didn't had this in Linux Mint so i guess this is exclusive problem of Zorin

I noticed that i can't use same binds with: Super+Alt/Shift/Ctrl.

I wanted to bind them to show my workspace

This seems to be a thing with Gnome, as it works fine on other desktop environments like XFCE. But going with the gsettings command seems to work fine as well.

Yea, again - i dropped link to solution so i could actually change languages as i used to.

I guess if i wanna bind other unstandart keys i have to install dconf
And go to path: /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/media-keys
To change commands like that, i didn't had this problem on Mint Cinnamon so its actual bug from GNOME

For some reason it doesn't work...

I will swear, its the worst expirience with GNOME i ever had. Im installing Lite because it uses xfce

Its ultra annoying that you literaly have no default options to just setup keybinds for your liking.

  • I can't bind Shift+Alt for changing language
  • I can't bind Super key with delay so i could see workspaces
  • I can't bind Super+Alt/Super+Ctrl because settings just doesn't register it for unknown reason.

Just for that i would actually switch from gnome, because he's functunally absent. And simplify everything to look nice is dumb.

I can think of other things worse than not being able to re-assign non-standard key to other shortcuts. Btw, the default keyboard shortcut to change input language is Super+Space. It works on other desktop environments, as well as on Windows.

And for what You need a Delay? I mean You push the Super Key and You have Your Workspace Overview. When You scroll, You come to teh other One's. When You push the Super Key fast two Times, You are directly in the App Grid.

If they want to make the system convenient, please provide the necessary functions. I stumbled upon this during setup and I can't solve this problem in any way. I have not yet touched the sound problem, although I have the most standard Realtek HD. I have reasons for not liking such moments, because they cost me SOOOOO much time

I just started to delve into Linux from the user's side. In the long term, I don’t yet see the need to delve into deep systematics. But even if such a dirty trick greets me at the door, I’m afraid to imagine what will happen next when I study the system further. I am a person accustomed to looking for a problem on the Internet, rather than reading manuals and memorizing commands. I came to use the system in general. And I can't even customize it for myself.

Back to topic

I know the Android program Button Mapper. There are three actions

1 - One click
2 - Double tap
3 - Hold key

You would know how convenient and practical it is. Volume keys can be assigned to only two buttons and my setup is this:

  1. Volume Up button "One press": Increase volume
  2. Volume Up button "Double press": Fast forward the track
  3. Volume Up button "Long press": Switches to another track.
    4, 5, 6 is the same but with the volume turned down.

I was hoping that such convenient functionality could be made on Android. I can do the same in Linux. Right?

For me it is much better to have advanced hotkeys because I can simply assign the most frequent actions, thereby significantly increasing productivity/efficiency. After I switched from Windows to Linux, I wanted to customize “No, not according to the Windows template” hotkeys system for myself. And I’m not happy with the default set that comes after installation.

Super-One tap: Show menu
Super-Double tap: App grid
Super-Long press: Show Workspaces

For some reason, in Zorin you can only have menus or workspaces. I can't just combine both.

But at least the trick of scrolling through workspaces works when you hold down Super and scroll through the mouse wheel

You can go with the Mouse Cursor to the Taskbar at the Bottom and then scroll; so You can directly change the Workspaces, too.