Shift+m not working

This issue is similar to the un-answered seen here:

But I can say that the physical keyboard is not the problem
(Even bought the exact same make/model as I previous had - as the old was getting "nasty", and I thought that maybe was the cause)

But no, the "shift + m" will not produce anything
(neither left nor right shift)
With 'Caps Lock' on, the M key works, but also pressing shift will then not make lower case m (nothing shown).

The keyboard works fine on Windows 10

The OS-language is US-English, and I've tried (to no avail) with keyboard in US-English, Danish or Norwegian
(none of the three has "shift + m" working)

OS: Zorin OS 16.1 x86_64
Host: Akoya P4130 D MD8302/2471 1.0
Kernel: 5.15.0-46-generic

sudo lshw -short|nl #"relevant excerpt"

 1	H/W path           Device      Class          Description
 2	=========================================================
 3	                               system         Akoya P4130 D MD8302/2471 (ML-110000 10021220)

24 /0/100/10.1/0/2/3 input Wired Keyboard 600

sudo hwinfo --short|nl #"relevant excerpt"
6 keyboard:
7 /dev/input/event4 Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 (model 1576)
83 unknown:
95 /dev/input/event5 Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 (model 1576)

What is your xkb keyboard layout?

sudo nano /etc/default/keyboard

What about other shift + alphabets?
Are they working?

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You may want to try updates - Ubuntu 20.04 - keyboard not working - Ask Ubuntu

It sounds like a driver issue.

Hi Aravisian,

First of all - thanks for helping out.

Content of "/etc/default/keyboard":

Hi ghostminator

Well yes - all other keys (shift + "others") are working.
Only the "shift + m" does not produce a "M"

Why is Danish sandwiching English?
Should this be:


Can you please run in terminal:

localectl list-x11-keymap-variants de

And relay the output?