Shortcut related issue after new Zorin OS Pro install

This is a minor bug I've encountered each time I installed Zorin OS Pro from scratch. I apologize for the low detail of my steps to reproduce as I'm doing this from memory, but I believe they'll suffice in this case:

Repro: 5/5

When installing Zorin OS pro and choosing the full install (that is, with all included applications, as opposed to minimal), one of the applications included is FreeCAD. If this application is uninstalled, an orphaned shortcut is left behind and cannot be removed via the GUI.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. On a machine with no OS, or in a fresh partition, install Zorin OS 17.1 Pro. Choose a full installation when the option appears.
  2. Boot into the new OS.
  3. [possibly not required] Set the layout to the option second from the bottom in the left colum in Zorin Appearance (left hand taskbar, show applications grid, Ubuntu-ish.)
  4. Click the applications grid and find FreeCAD in the listed applications.
  5. Right click FreeCAD and choose "Show Details."
  6. In the software store, click the trash can icon to uninstall.
  7. Click the applications grid and find FreeCAD in the listed applications.

Observed Result: FreeCAD is still there, with a placeholder icon. The icon cannot be run and the software store will indicate it's not installed.

Expected Result: The icon will be removed, or it will be possible to remove orphans from a right click menu.

Workaround: Zorin's default desktop files exist in several directories. By using find / -name "*free*.desktop you can return a list of all desktop shortcuts with free in their name, in all locations. (sudo is needed to avoid a ton of permission denied results that make the output hard to read). Deleting the FreeCAD entries by hand will remove them from the applications grid.

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