Shortcut to open an app in a new workspace from the activities overview

Is there a shortcut for when I search an app in the activities overview to open it on a new workspace?
Shift-enter would be a logical one.

I've searches Google and Gnome extensions with no result.

Never tried it. In Plasma you don't even have to press Alt+ F2, you just start typing and search bar launches automatically.

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You can create keyboard shortcut's from the gnome setting's, no idea about hanging workspace activities shortcut.

But check this Out :-

Also, Shortcut to change workspace in Ubuntu.

Using the keyboard:

Press Super + Page Up or Ctrl + Alt + Up to move to the workspace shown left of the current workspace in the workspace selector. Press Super + Page Down or Ctrl + Alt + Down to move to the workspace shown right of the current workspace in the workspace selector.


Thanks for the tips.
But I'm specifically looking for a shortcut to open an app on a new workspace from the activities.

I've kept looking online, but without finding a solution.

Opening an app and then using the shortcut to move it to the next workspace is not a big deal, I'll survive :sweat_smile:

Thanks all!

As I recall, you had asked about this some months back. Maybe submitting a Feature Request to the Gnome Devs may help...


Most of the #general-help topics are Feature Requests :joy:


There will come a day when people press a button on their key FOB and their computer boots up and logs them in automatically.
And the coffee maker starts.


O yeah! My first feature request, exiting!

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Where is the best way to add a feature request?
The GNOME gitlab?

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