Shortcuts. Set Enter as a shortcut

Hello, i'm trying to set the "enter" key on the numpad as a shortcut to decrease volume, but it doesn't allow me to do that. Is there any way to do this?

I've already tried searching for appropriate gnome extension or a setting in gnome tweaks but there's nothing there

I'm new to linux so i'm very sorry for my question being stupid

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An enter key is a main key function for return, as such, I do not believe that it can be added as a separate shortcut. Above the enter key on your numpad is the + key, then above that is the minus key. Correct?

Just use the + - keys you already have available for adjusting volume. Also, if this is a notebook computer, it should have hardware encoded volume keys via the function key.

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No, this is not an option for me, unfortunately. Numeric + and Numeric Enter keys are bigger than the Numeric - key and it would be impossible for me to trying locate this tiny "-" key.

Is it really cannot be changed? Because this is vital for me, i would not be able to use this linux distro if the Numeric Enter key can't be set as a standalone shortcut :frowning: but i really want to, I just love how Zorin set up everything here

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As I would expect, hitting the ENTER key did not work on its own. Trying to do SHIFT with ENTER did not work either. But I had a winner when I did CTRL ENTER

So without further or do, I have found the solution for you!

Volume Up
Volume UP

Volume Down
Volume Down


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