Should I be concerned about these messages on boot?

Please excuse the dusty screen. I get these messages every time I boot up, should I be concerned on these? Thank you!

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I suppose it's part of the boot, So it's absolutely fine.
Fun Fact:- Try pressing esc during the zorin logo is shown, to see the boot process loading :smile:


I get the AE_ALREADY_EXISTS error on boot, too.
I recall I got rid of it for a while, but it came back...


I get it too, Doesn't bother me that much :man_shrugging:

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I posted the solution on a similar thread, courtesy of an ask ubuntu thread:

And the comment about M$ not implementing ACPI properly beggars belief that they are allowed to contribute to the Linux kernel.

This might also be an indication why notebook users complain of poor battery performance.