Should I buy Zorin OS 16 Pro?

Aside from supporting the Ukrainians, would it be worth it to buy Zorin OS 16 Pro, or is it a waste of money, I am looking to buy it at the moment. what do pro users and general users think about this?

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U get more layouts and more software preinstalled by default. It's worth buying if you want to help the ZorinTeam.


I use Zorin Pro around 12 hours a day on avg for work/personal.
On paper, the pro features aren't "worth it" per se. I use the extra layouts and it was helpful to have good software installed as this was the first time I've fully committed to Linux as a daily driver.
Buy it if you want to support the Team and future development etc.


I would think that the small donation for Zorin 16 Pro goes a lot further than the nice bonus items you obviously obtain. One is you provide funds which assist the development of the OS further as well as give the team a bit for all the hard work and time it takes to create such a stable, reliable product.

Waste you say ? I think not if you have ever put effort into creating something for others so they can enjoy and have a item from your own two hands. That isn’t a waste to receive a showing of gratitude from those who have had the chance to share this creation


When you buy Zorin Pro, you get direct support from the devs, some extra layouts, many preinstalled software and you are also supporting the development and if you buy it now then you are supporting the victims of war. That being said, there are reasons to not buy Pro. The layouts can imitated very easily with some extra efforts. I think Pro is bloated, I mean a person who uses a DAW software would not use a CAD software and an accounting software at the same time, will they? You do get an option for "minimal installation" but that just breaks the purpose of Pro and if you need the softwares then you can just over to the store or the website of the app and see how to get it. All the apps that you get in Zorin Pro are free btw.

So, I would say...No, it isn't a waste of money. You are supporting the devs and open source. For those who want, they get extra layouts without adding any effort at all. I would definitely like to see more benefits to be added to Pro...A few months ago someone mentioned that cloud features should be granted to pro users, which I found to be a very good idea. I did not buy pro (yet) I would do it in the future even if they don't add more benefits to it but I would like to see them added.


In addition to what has been said, you might consider buying it if you wish to gift it to someone who is not very experienced with Linux, or computers in general. Having those extra features and packages installed right out of the box can go a long way.


I think everyone has covered the major points.

I'd like to focus on only one question: "Is it a waste of money?"

Zorin OS Lite and Zorin OS Core are free - But Worth the price of Zorin OS Pro.
I started on Zorin OS because my hard drive critically failed and I replaced it with a Blank HDD. I had no copies of Windows to transfer over easily and... I had only ever used Windows and wanted an excuse to get away from it anyway.
Zorin OS ended up on almost every computer in the house, including two shop computers that I use for diagnosing customers cars.
Zorin OS is worth every single penny. Whether Pro is is not really what matters; The OS is.


Look at it this way if you only want to help the Zorin's than there is no problem ... if you are buying it for the extra's yes you will get something for your money .....

Look at it this way if you give to a local charity you don't expect to receive something tangible do you ..... you do it because it is a worthy cause and you want to help someone or something ... :+1:


Being a long time windows user, i was skeptical at the price of Linux OS's. I got Elementary OS for $5. And almost felt bad, until I attempted to install apps that weren't in the store. I left there and came to Zorin. It wasn't a week and I purchased pro. I wanted to support them and the stable Linux experience they provide.

If you consider it, you paid how many hundreds of dollars for a semi-broken OS with Windows for how many years. Bugs were rarely fixed and new features always caused new ones. Forty, for a stable OS, regardless of the perks associated with it... what is that worth? That is a pittance in comparison and worth it to ensure the Zorin's continue to develop and troubleshoot / resolve issues.

Here's something to consider, out of all those hundreds, did Microsoft listen to you in regards to issues or features? Pro or not, every suggestion, issue and feature is considered by the developers. That alone is worth the 40... and a boast Microsoft can never honestly make.

Obviously it's your choice, regardless of our comments. But if you don't already feel like you've been cheated by M$ and anything cheaper and stable is "worth it", then you must be a machine. Is this an AI learning session?


no wasting money ,of course it is worth to support them, everything here is very good, this distro is caring about new linux users especially windows users who want to try linux, and caring about users who have old pc by providing the magic zorin lite, until now windows doesn't care about users who have old pc, no windows lite until now and u must to pay for windows, and zorin has community is very helpful.


Plus you get the feel-good feeling when supporting your distro and you know you help this distro more than just words - like charity works kinda.


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