Should I Buy Zorin Sponsored Laptop or not?

I am Thinking to buy an additional Laptop for my Work. Should I buy the Laptops sponsored by Zorin? If yes then which one?



I have no Idea about zorin sponsored laptops but I suppose you should buy from Asus. Cause it makes durable Laptops that lasts long😃


So True, Even the Processors are Great.


Even Dell makes good Laptops :joy:


Maybe not👎


Haven't seen reviews of Clevo, but I did see youtube review by an Italian who said the battery life of his Star Labs notebook was only 4 hours. If I had the spare Euros I might go for the Clevo workstation if not having to carry it around but if portability is an issue then the NLM5U. However I saw another youtube video about Clevo having a chicklet keyboard. This would not bother me as clacking sound = durability of keyboard!


If I had to choose between the StarLabs and Clevo I would choose the former. They seem to have better quality overall and it's pretty much guaranteed everything works out of the box for a lot of distributions.

But I've never tried them myself or know anyone that has. Maybe you should research more regarding all the common issues laptops tend to have like uncomfortable keyboard, battery issues, overheating, fan noise, etc. And of course, there's the company support.

A couple of reviews:
Starbook Mk. V Review
StarLite Mk IV Review

Another interesting option that I would consider is the framework laptop, which if fully modular. There are some interesting reviews that you can search for.

And if you want something from a more well established brand you can try the new HP Dev One.


I didn't like Dell's laptops because of the number of firmware updates and the persistent installation of dubious apps like Smartbyte.


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