Should I get Zorin OS Ultimate for my buisness?

seems to be better, there seems to be a syntax issue with that post,

it puts: Username:Password:User ID:Group ID:User Info:Home Directory:Default Shell

instead of User_Name:Password:UID:GID:Full_Name:User_Home_Directory:Users_Shell_Name

I agree with Aravisian. If your a business, 120 machines strong, you should most certainly contact Azorin to discuss business options. Not only could the Zorin team provide you a special price, but they will be the best to answer specific questions related to use of their software, in the business industry.

Hopefully, you will receive a reply soon. I can't tell you how much I respect you for NOT going with Windows 10! Supporting open source is always the way to go, especially when privacy is a concern for your company. Another thing I like about Linux is it gives you the choice to do what you want. Microsoft is all about making the choice for you.