Should I upgrade computers? Difficulty running Virtual Machine

Dear Community,
I currently have an Acer Spin, 8 GB RAM, 1TB HD. I am currently running Zorin 16.3 Pro. Further specs here:

I tried running a Virtual Machine with a Windows ISO, and it didn't work. I'm afraid that my machine might not be powerful enough.

I was wondering if it would make a huge difference if I upgraded the computer. Here is the specs of a computer that I am currently considering:

This is a gaming computer.


Thank you.

Which version of Windows, though? The minimum requirements are 4GB for W11. Also, what are you using for virtualization: virtualbox, KVM, etc?

Hi @zenzen ,

I tried Boxes and Virtual Boxes.

I downloaded this image that was recommended to my by @Mr_Magoo in another post:


Are you able to run other ISOs normally? Even something like ZorinOS or Fedora, just to see if that would work normally. If yes, then it might be this Windows ISO in particular or might need more resources allocated than what is claimed in their website. Of perhaps you need some specific parameters on the software in question.... I'm afraid those are all questions I can't really answer.

Obviously, higher specs tend to be better, but I'd still try to run something else to confirm if the issue is with your hardware.

Hi @zenzen ,

I did not try other operating systems. I will give it a try to see how it works. I will report back, but it will take at least a week or so.

I appreciate your fast response.

Kind regards.

I'm curious too, I have another computer with 8GB of RAM too, I might try it throughout the week to see if it's able to run this smoothly. What's your host operating system? Nvm, I just checked you posted above. Will try with Z16.

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Is the iso Win10 or 11?

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