Should Zorin OS continue to pre-install Gnome Software Store?

It's better to write in the same language rather than avoiding it like this, because my English is not be very good or fluent.

I agree. The other thing to mention is Ubuntu Software (US) pushes Snap packages. On my Ubuntu desktop I removed US and use Gnome Software and Flathub.


Maybe Gnome will be better on Zorin 17?
I Hope Zorin 17 gived us mamy things and suprise with funcionality, new many settings to configure desktop. Gived us something new diffrent from all clones Ubuntu.

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I'm hoping the new Quick Settings menu is added. Along with several other features in Gnome 43..

Since Zorin OS is focused on reliability and stability, I would like to see the same for package management. I think only APT should be supported by default, and Snap and Flatpak can be installed as needed by the user.

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Yes, and I think it needs to be mentioned, as a reminder for all us users. When downloading packages, Zorin gives us the option for Flatpak, Snap, or even Deb.
Many of us have different preferences, opinions on the way we get our packages. It's nice being able to choose and go with what I prefer.

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The various opinions I have received so far have changed my mind that it is not a good idea to take away choices from users. Instead, it would be more constructive to pre-install Synaptic to give users more choices. I have other apps that I would like to see pre-installed on Zorin OS and will make a separate topic for them.

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It is notable that having or not having an app does not deprive any user of their choices.
What it does, however, is provide influence.
Having an app installed and another not; it implies preference by knowledgeable developers.

Having millions of users, Zorin OS is quite influential. And that is a hefty responsibility.

One thing I can observe - Artyom Zorin or Kyrill Zorin give the appearance that they disagree with me on many things. There may be things that they agree with me on.
They do not, however, vocalize any disdain or disregard for the opinions that they disagree on. Not ever.
On this forum, many of us have been influential in our opinions of recommending Synaptic. Or recommending against Balena Etcher.
Something worth thinking about.


I would think many of us in the world, have just learned the importance of free, open discussion without judgement being applied to those who disagree. Well, one would think anyways....

It's not hard to add Synaptic, 10 seconds? Just as it's not difficult to remove a snap package to replace with a flatpak, or remove any package that comes pre-installed for lack of our personal need. A part of using anything is altering to suit your own personal needs. I kind of enjoy the process.
There are a few choices, but way to many people to try to satisfy that all have different opinions. I take the make in 'mine'. Alter it to my desire approach.

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