Should Zorin OS continue to pre-install Gnome Software Store?

This forum is full of trouble caused by Gnome Software Store. The app hides rather than makes easy package management, so the user misses the opportunity to learn about it. In my opinion, this has led to unexpected problems for users.

Then, should Zorin OS continue to pre-install Gnome Software Store?

Yes, as there no alternative that is beginner friendly. Gnome Software Store has solved its issues in their latest releases.

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I mean it's better than Ubuntu Software.

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If users unknowingly install apps via multiple package management systems such as Snap and Flatpak, does this cause a poor user experience, such as wasted resources?


I still receive notifications for updates to gnome that don't apply to Zorin. As stated there are no good alternatives for new users ATM. There have been forks , but no good replacements thus far.


I dont think app stores like smartphones are suitable for PCs. That's because they are optimized for a restricted UI and closed ecosystem. Centralized software distribution may take away freedom from developers.

Installing apps according to the software developer's instructions is commonplace in Windows and does not seem difficult. Synaptic cannot replace the Software Store, but it is a good front-end for APT.


Extremely well said.

Gnome Software has been problematic for a very long time. And while Gnome declares all those problems now fixed in the latest Gnome - that is telling in and of itself. They knew how to fix it and slapped "wontfix" tags until they had a new version to push?
Manipulative, much?

To me, it is too little; too late. And not backporting any of it is a slap in the face to the users.

MX and other distros use Synaptic by default. And it works.

Gnome Software works well enough to be a stepping stone. It provides that initial familiarity. But I think we all know, observe and experience that most users begin soon branching out after gaining experience on Linux.


Must remain because it is quite helpful for beginners

I don't think Gnome Software is user friendly. It is dissimilar to Windows, and I have finally been able to install apps without inconvenience by learning package management with APT. This was a waste of time.

I gradually came to believe that being user-friendly does not mean underestimating users.

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Gnome Software is helpful and user-friendly for beginners despite having some issues. Beginners can easily search for the desired software and install it without any hassle, making the process simple and straightforward

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Did you actually have that experience? I had the exact opposite one.

I had a similar experience when helping some friends get started with Linux. It was helpful for beginners who wanted to install their desired applications. However, I now prefer to use 'apt install,' 'snap install,' and 'flatpak install,' which are more convenient when installing applications. :grin:

I have raised several issues, but have not received a reasonable response.

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Everyone has their own views, but it's better to fix the gnome software rather than deleting/removing it altogether

I want to know why.

The reason is still the same, it is useful for beginners.

I know that it is a KDE app but for a gui software app I would choose 'apper' over everything else:

Not at my desktop or would have posted mine. Much easier for updates too and faster.

I think it should come installed, I find it's good enough for most users... However I do have a problem with this:

First of all the obvious: there are up to 4 snap options depending on the program. This will immediately scare away anyone curious about this dropdown menu.

Secondly, even when there's a native .deb package available it's not the default.

And third, when there's only one option available this dropdown menu disappears entirely. This is both inconsistent and misleading, although for entirely different reasons that even Synaptic can't handle.
For example Brave can be installed natively via their own repository, but neither Synaptic nor Gnome Software don't know about that. In that sense, Gnome Software "wins" because it at least offers you the Flatpak option (and most new, inexperienced users won't really care about native vs flatpaks).

Overall, I don't think these are huge issues because I usually remove snaps on every Zorin install I do and instruct people to actively look for this drop-down menu and install the "ZorinOS" version if available. But I wish it could be handled better in terms of default options and how their are presented.


I understand your English, but I don't understand your opinion because you don't clarify your logic. Why do you use expressions that underestimate me?

I already have the following opinion.

So I don't consider it a problem.

Certainly, it would be a great improvement if there were a system that automatically selected and installed a stable version from a reliable repository.

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i didn't mean it that way. I understand a little bit of Japanese, so it's better to write in the same language.